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About this blog


My name is Martijn Klitsie and during my college years I started to read about minimalism. Guess what? I got inspired, decided to try it out and write about it. Thus this blog was born!

So what can you find on this blog of mine? About my journey into minimalism. Minimalism is all about taking small steps. So I try to take this journey one step at a time. What does that mean for you? A step by step written journal about figuring out how to use minimalism in order to live a healthy, exciting, fulfilling life!

What can you do until I’ve taken that next step? Check out the steps I’ve already taken.  So have fun reading! I know I will have fun writing it!

Martijn Klitsie

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  1. kbrinston permalink
    September 28, 2012 17:44

    Hi Martijn! For my Education Programme we have to make a poster on digital footprints – would I be able to use the 5 step guide if I reference you and your blog? Thanks!

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