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The Blogroll – How we wrecked the ocean

June 3, 2010

(image by René Ehrhardt)

Week 22

[tweetmeme source=”living_minimal” only_single=false]Everyone in this planet probably has realised the scale of the environmental disaster that is happening at this moment through the oil leak by BP. (If you haven’t, please google BP and see for yourself) As an environmental science student, minimalist and human being I am really abhorred that this is even possible in our civilization. Haven’t we learned anything from Exxon Valdez, Bhopal or Lake Victoria? We as a race are so powerful when it comes to manipulating our environment that we sometimes forget that “with great power comes great responsibility”. I know, it sounds kinda corny but it is nevertheless true!

This week’s blogroll I’ve highlighted two video’s from the TED website. If you have never heard of this website take a couple of hours of your free time and just go browsing over there. There are hours and hours of interesting speeches on all kinds of subject on that website. The two videos I like to point out are from coral reef ecologist Jeremy Jackson and sea life photographer Brian Skerry. They both portray a picture of beauty, destruction and finally hope.

Brian Skerry reveals ocean’s glory and horror

Jeremy Jackson on how we wrecked the ocean

A small part of Jeremy’s talk really resonated with me as a minimalist:

“…the thing we really need to fix is ourselves. It’s not about the fish; it’s not about the pollution; it’s not about the climate change. It’s about us, and our greed and our need for growth and our inability to imagine a world which is different from the selfish world we live in today.”

I see a place for minimalists as role models, leaders and teachers for these kind of socially problems. What do you think, can we minimalist make a difference when it comes to environmental disasters caused by human activity?

Rest of the blogroll:

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  1. June 4, 2010 09:59

    I’d certainly like to think we can be role models as minimalists.

    Thanks for the links.

    • June 4, 2010 17:57

      Just keep write awesome articles and I’ll be linking them! :)

  2. June 5, 2010 02:59

    Absolutely. It starts by we humans changing our perspective on who we are and our role in this big wide web of life. We can no longer see ourselves as being apart from or above nature. Clearly, it’s not sustainable. Nature is NOT a means to our consumerism end.

    (BTW — Just discovered your blog through WeLiveSimply. Nice. Feel free to spin over and check out my series on changing perspectives: I think we’re on the same page…)

    Be well!

    • June 5, 2010 10:21

      Exactly. There is a difference between using nature as a resource and the way we are abusing nature at this moment. It’s all about balance and we still need to figure out where that balance is.

      I’ll definitely check out your series of articles. Thanks for reading!

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