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The Blogroll – The best lessons endure time

May 27, 2010

Book with ancient writing

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Week 21

[tweetmeme source=”living_minimal” only_single=false]Minimalism is a true 21st century movement. It just seems to fit in our part of the timeline. It fits in a time where economical systems crack under their own weight, where the most used energy sources are rapidly depleting and where the environmental consequences of consumerism are becoming more and more visible every day. This movement is hip, new, modern, awesome and based on centuries old wisdom.

This week I like to share two article with beautiful lessons from a former time. Gianpaolo Pietri has taken the time to read a book by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius called Meditations. For our reading pleasure he wrote the article “10 Optimalist Lessons from a Roman Emperor” in which he translates those ancient words into lessons we can all understand.
Francine Jay has written us an article called “Ancient Minimalist Wisdom” It is an awesome list of quotes by ancient western philosophers and to be honest I think I could write a complete blogpost on every single one of them.

It seems the best lessons can endure time. Have fun reading and if you haven’t had enough just pick a title you like from the list below.

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