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How to completely and utterly fail while trying to sleep

May 24, 2010

image by Mollybob

[tweetmeme source=”living_minimal” only_single=false]This week I tried to use David Damron’s 4 simple habits to sleep better. Guess what, the experiment failed. What? Yes! It completely and utterly failed. And here comes the twist… it wasn’t David’s fault. The habits that David thought up are really good but I couldn’t put them to work.

Before going to the real problem I like to look for a moment at the sleep improving habits, they deserve it. They are simply rock solid. When it comes to sleep you have three areas where it can go wrong: getting to sleep, the quality of the slept hours and the amount of hours slept. Eating right and no large meals 4 hours before sleeping gives your body the rest it needs in order to recuperate completely. No TV and more exercise will help you fall asleep easier and a regular schedule will help your body adjust to the chosen sleep cycle. Getting these four habits right will improve your day and trains your body to sleep when it has to. Then why could I put them to work?

In order to solve that I’ll take you back to the first night I decided to use David’s habits. That night I had written my previous post on decluttering my dorm room and was pretty certain this new habit would be awesome. That is until a couple of my friends invited me to a poker night. It was a great game with lots of beer and snacks. I think I haven’t slept any worse than that night in a long time. The actual night I decided to change the pattern was in the end the one in which I broke all the rules.

Look back at other decisions in my life I realised that this wasn’t an exception. The day I decided to eat healthy I craved for snack food, the day I decided to watch less TV I found two new series to watch. Every time I made a life altering decision I started to do/crave/think about what I would lose. With that realisation I solved the puzzle. I didn’t decide to do something good, but I decided to do something less bad. In this way your new decision will always remember you of what you had instead of what you can get.

When trying to change your life you should try to put the change in positive terms. Don’t think about what you will lose but what you will gain. So coming week I’ll try David’s habit again (I will not write about it though. I’m keeping that a secret.) and this time I will think about the quality of my mornings instead of the lost hours at night. This time I will think waking up energetic instead of the snacks I’m not going to eat. So David, I’m sorry and this time I’m going to do it!

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  1. May 25, 2010 06:03

    “And here comes the twist… it wasn’t David’s fault.” —This is rare….ask my girlfriend.

    Great article!

    My advice was just that…advice. There are a million ways to sleep better. You just have to find what will work with your lifestyle. Trust me…mine isn’t perfect. It is all about trial and error.

    Good luck on your second go of it.

    David Damron
    The Minimalist Path

    P.S. No worries and no apologies necessary.

    • May 25, 2010 07:52

      Modesty suits you. But frankly, my ‘failed’ experiment gave my one of the best insights into myself I’ve had. You should be proud that your writing is a katalyst for such processes.

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