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The Blogroll – Questioning the couch potato

May 20, 2010

image by Dweinberger

Week 20

[tweetmeme source=”living_minimal” only_single=false]This week I found two articles about what is the centre of most households: the living room. That place is the best example of a multifunctional room within any regular household. We use it for inviting people, watching tv, eating, chilling out, reading, listening to music and all sorts of other stuff. It’s probably, next to the bedroom, used the most used room in the house.

This week Joshua from Becoming Minimalist and Francine from Miss Minimalist are questioning the two largest pieces of furniture in that room: the TV and the couch. The articles Questioning the Couch and Ten Reasons to Watch Less Television are beautifully written and very convincing. I’ll be honest, I will not get rid of my couch or TV but it is this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that I love reading about.

The rest of the roll

  1. The Remembering Manifesto from Joy Ninja
  2. Curated computing: What’s Next for Devices in a Post-iPad World from ARS Technica
  3. Deadlines and the Urgency Side of the Eisenhower Matrix from Be an Original
  4. The Beauty of the Ellipsis from Zen Habits
  5. Curiosity – 7 Magical Ways to Use it as a Personal Development Tool from Dragos Roua
  6. Why you should ask yourself “What if?” from Simply Minded
  7. The Secret of Positive Realism from Goodlife Zen
  8. Letting Go of Attachment, from A to Zen from Zen Habits
  9. Social Media Revolution 2 from Maximmm
  10. Blind Leading the Blind from the Minimalist Path
3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 20, 2010 18:04

    Not having a couch is all fun and games, whoohoo, sitting on the floor, grounded, earthbound and whatnot. Having company over and not being able to offer them a place to sit is just…just… It’s really friggin’ ridiculous is what it is.

    10 Reasons to watch less TV was ironically one of the most black and white articles I’ve ever rested my eyes upon. These people don’t know about attention spans, mental capacity and whatnot. They don’t. They’re NOT scientists, they just don’t like TV. Me neither, big deal. Don’t make up reasons for your opinions. I formulate this as a direct order, but I know you don’t, Tijn. Don’t worry.

    Frustrating articles this week, mate. :-)

    • May 20, 2010 22:42

      Hi frank,

      It is always nice to have your honest opinion on anything. And I know that you aren’t burdened with the addictive effects of tv watching. But couldn’t you agree that these reasons could give a lot of people the push they need so they can invest their precious time in other activities?

      And about that couch thing. I agree that isn’t my style either but you could also use cushions…

  2. Je zwager permalink
    May 22, 2010 22:31

    No TV?!? As the great teacher of men, Homer, would say: D’oh!

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