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How I stayed motivated for a whole week

May 9, 2010

image by Magic Bullet Theory

[tweetmeme source=”living_minimal” only_single=false]Before I write anything about Daniel Richard’s list with 13 motivations I would like to thank him. Yes, indeed, thank him. Because his article made me do something I thought wasn’t possible any more. I finished my overdue paper!

I know that they (who is ” they” anyway?) say that work is 10% motivation and 90% perspiration. I don’t care! That 10% is far more important than the other 90%! But I’m getting ahead of myself. So let’s start over.

As usual I’ve chosen a post/article/notion/idea about living your life more minimal put it to action. This week I chose the awesome motivational list written by Daniel Richard (still thanks!). Next to the fact that is a nicely written list I had an ulterior motive to choose it. It was the above mentioned paper. Together with my final thesis they are the last thing I need to do to get my bachelors’ degree in Environmental Science. This paper wasn’t that big it was just that I never had the guts/motivation/will/time to finish it. Until this week of course.

How did I stay motivated this time then? Simple. I printed out Daniel’s list and hung it next to my desk. Every time I felt that writing the paper was bringing me down I checked the list and thought about what this paper meant to me. I also tried it the other way around. Every morning when I woke up I looked at the list and started thinking what I could do to make the list happen. Starting your day motivated can make all the difference.

For me the only minor disadvantage of this list is its length. I like very short lists. That way you can easily remember them. This is especially helpful when you need a sudden boost of motivation. So I made a distilled version of the list:

  1. be in the moment
  2. whatever you’re doing, keep doing it
  3. be kind to yourself and others

This doesn’t mean I stop using the original list. Daniel’s list in the morning and my list for when the going gets tough.

If I have any advice for you readers it is this: Whatever you are doing. Be motivated to do it. Otherwise it’s not even worth doing.

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