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Being in the now AND the future

April 10, 2010

I’m stuck with a question for which I can’t seem to find an answer. How can we live in the now when your job and personal life demand you to look to the future? Are living in the now and preparing for the future states of mind that can coexist? Or should we make timeslots for dealing with the present or the future? I’d love to hear your ideas about this.

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  1. Frank permalink
    April 10, 2010 16:14

    I prefer living in the fictive past. I love the sense of urgency people seem to feel when I “should have” been somewhere, “should have” done something. Plus, the fictive past makes living in the present rather easy, since either you should have been doing what you’re doing now yesterday anyway, or you’re too busy with damage control to plan ahead.

  2. Je zwager permalink
    April 10, 2010 21:52

    Het gaat er niet om of je aan de toekomst denkt of dingen nu doet die in de toekomst tot een resultaat moeten leiden. Het gaat erom dat je je in het nu niet druk maakt over de dingen waar je nu geen invloed op hebt.

    edited by Martijn:
    Translation (@frank: thank you for correcting me):
    It doesn’t matter if you think about the future, or do things that resolve somewhere in the future. It’s about not worrying about things upon which you cannot exert influence.

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