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Speed reading is the future

April 1, 2010

There was one workshop named “Train your Brain” that I had to go to before graduating. I made this promise to myself eight years ago and today I finally did it. I always forgot or had other engagements when I had the chance to go to this workshop but today was finally the day. It was mind-blowing.

Many of you probably don’t know the concept of the “Train your Brain” workshop. The workshop is the lifework of Jan-Willem van den Brandhoff, a former human resources manager, who trains anyone who is interested in mind mapping, speed reading and the philosophy behind it. And his method works! During the workshop we had a training of 30 minutes which increased my reading speed from 270 words/minute to 630 words/minute.

These techniques are excellent ways to improve the effectiveness of the hours you use on work and therefore decrease the time you need for the projects you have. This leaves more time to do the thing you really love. If you are interested follow this link.

Next thing on my list is finding a yoga center in my hometown. I’ll keep you posted!

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