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Working in the now

March 30, 2010

We all need to eat. In this society that means you need money. With that line of thought I’m one of many who have to work “for a living”. I’m actually doing a paid internship to finish my degree in environmental science but that’s semantics. A paid internship just means you are allowed to make more mistakes. But in the end I’m working in order to get my daily dose of sustenance.

Today was my first day of work after my grandmother’s cremation. And thinking while writing this, after working and receiving (read cooking and eating) my daily dose, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I assumed I would come to work as a broken man who had not enough sleep and still depressed about the passing away of grandma. But I wasn’t. I had a rather productive day, wasn’t tired at all. Seemed like any other day. It wasn’t that I hadn’t forgotten about the day before but it didn’t drag me down.

The state of mind I experienced today is one of those abilities we should cherish the rest of our lives. The ability to be at peace with what is happening and has happened. By living in the present we become prepared for the future.

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