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First post even if it’s crappy

March 24, 2010

Hello world,

My grandmother will die today. Not the most inspiring first post you can write down but it is regrettably the truth. I’ve never been much of a feely touchy kind of guy and my girlfriend suggested that I should write down how I feel about stuff. And here it is my first post of my first blog ever. I’ve always thought that I couldn’t write a blog because I’m not confident about my writing skills but today I don’t care.

My grandma was/is a real grandmother. There wasn’t a visit that she didn’t bring a present for all of us. It was her way of showing that she loved us. Especially on Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas, which is a Dutch festivity 20 days prior tot Christmas) she bought all her 13 grandchildren large amount of toys. Until a few months ago I still had a lot of those presents tucked away in several boxes.

That was until started reading about minimalism. The first blog about minimalism I read was from Zen Habits. Leo is a really good and inspiring writer. After that first blog I was sold. I decides to clean up the house including the years worth of presents I got from my grandma. Even in these days I knew that my grandma was going to pass away within a few months. That fact didn’t make it a lot easier to dispose of all these objects that had lost their usefulness. I mean every object had a story connected to it. But I realised there and then that it was those memories I cherished and not the object itself. It took some time but most of those presents are now thrown or given away. The realisation that you cannot throw away the memories makes it a lot easier to dispose of all that stuff clogs up your house.

It might sound really strange but I’m actually happy that I feel crap. The fact that I feel crap makes me realize how much I love her. Didn’t see her that much though since she lives on the other side of the country but I will treasure the memories I’ve got about her. I love my grandma. Not the presents I got from her.

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